Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cooperative?

An open-membership community group that works together to get better deals on merchandise and services relevant to the purpose of the cooperative.

Co-ops around the world are generally guided by the following principles:

How will a cooperative differ from historic Sacks Feed?

It depends on how the community vision develops.

There are immediate opportunities for individuals to save money by way of group purchases, make contact with local producers and service providers, and receive notification of seminars on farm and garden related topics.

In these formative years, as the Co-op develops as a business, there are also major opportunities to tailor the products and services offered, to what the community needs, while encouraging organic and sustainable practices.

When the Co-op is firmly established and financially stable, there will probably be a system of year-end dividends paid out among Co-op members. (To be established by the by-laws; presently in editing as of August 2010.)

Will I be able to shop at the Co-op without owning a share/being a member?


Will I have to pay for my co-op membership all at once?

In order to get the co-op started, we need as many members as possible to pay up front. The co-op will likely be able to eventually offer a way to pay for a new membership a little at a time. (To be established by the by-laws; presently in editing as of August 2010.)

Why all this hassle? Why doesn't somebody just up and buy Sacks already?

Good question.  I think we all know that Sacks is for sale. The property will eventually be sold. The Sacks name may go with it, may be sold as a separate property, or may lapse.

What will happen if someone else buys Sacks?

All Co-op members will discuss, and then vote, on how to proceed (continue working on the co-op idea, donate the money to a farmers market, etc.).  All members and shareholders will be given the chance to withdraw their money.  Any start-up donations not already spent will be used or distributed as decided by a vote of the members.

Will I have to volunteer a certain number of hours every year?

Maybe, this will be decided by a vote of the members.  At this point it is expected that any volunteer requirements will be minimal. (To be established by the by-laws; presently in editing as of August 2010.)

How can I help make this happen?

Attend the planning/working meetings, actively take part in the decision making process, become a member, purchase capital shares, and tell others about this effort.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind about being a cooperative member?

Yes, it will be refundable. There may be a small service fee retained and/or a waiting period before money is returned. (To be established by the by-laws; presently in editing as of August 2010.)

How exactly will this benefit local farmers/producers?

By purchasing supplies and equipment cooperatively and in bulk, they can lower their costs.  The co-op will also provide a local sales outlet for their products. We also intend to remain responsive to changing community needs, and to facilitate special orders.

Will I be able to buy things on store credit at the co-op?

No. The Co-op does not currently have sufficient financial reserves to extend store credit.

Will I be able to use my credit card to purchase things at the Co-op?

Yes, when we have a store front established. However, the credit card processing fee, which many businesses absorb the cost of, may be passed on to the purchaser.  The Co-op is working to keep as much money as possible in the local economy, and trying to keep costs for its members as low as possible.  (To be established by the by-laws; presently in editing as of August 2010.)

What advantages would there be to the Co-op in acquiring Sacks Feed instead of just starting out in somewhere cheaper?